Night Beach Riddim: Shaqstar talks about domestic violence in “Need That”

Oriforo de Seaforth en St. Thomas, the jamaican Shaqstar is part of the poster of artists who participate in Night Beach Riddim, one riddim just released by King Addies and TruMoneyMusiq (TMM). In its version, “Need That”, the singer deals with one of the most urgent social problems in the world today: violence against women.

Consulted regarding his inspiration, Shaqstar said he created this song “intentionally so that a man can feel the message when he hears the lyrics and looks at himself.. At the same time, I want a woman to listen to it, stop fighting and kicking, and find a good man. It's a crude message, because I'm not beautifying it. Man has to control himself because everyone has options in a relationship, and hitting a woman is not a joke”.

The vibrant one riddim sets a festive tone for this summer 2021 in the north of the world, with songs of: Blak Ryno in “Outside“, Kurency in “Pull Up“, Fats from Brooklyn with “Don Dadda“, as well as emerging artists Don Pree with “Pleasure“, and a collaboration of Itakay with VynnXL in “Roun Yahso“.

Based in New York City and spearheaded by the legendary behemoth King Addies Sound System, NecoGlock, TMM lead producer, is headquartered in Westmoreland and Kingston. With a mission to provide a bridge to American markets for budding Jamaican talent, The independent label launched in the spring of 2020. Night Beach Riddim is already available on all your digital platforms since the past 30 of April, and only two days after its launch, is already a trending album at Audiomack.