José Dolores presents his new EP "El Amateur"

Three months after the release of his recent single "Charles", the national Deejay José Dolores brings us a new installment, "The Amateur", an EP of 5 songs where he reflects his essence again and an acid criticism of the music industry. Released by reservation at the beginning of November, The EP will be released to the public from the first week of December on its YouTube channel and on all digital platforms..

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, the Chilean artist also known as “el Negro José” referred to his new production and explained that “it is the Amateur because that's how the professionals of the movement see us (…) It is a criticism of the music company, to music entrepreneurs who claim to be artists, to those who believe that the investment, at payment, the corruption, the payola, the picture, They are everything".

And he added “but I would ask those same people if the program they are working with is not pirate., if the software they use is not pirated, or if the computer they bought is not used… There is a lot of challa and in that challa the value of the music is being lost and The Amateur brings that, the amateurism that Bielsa said put into music, I have 42 years and I'm still an amateur ”.

Recorded during September of this year in Pirque by Yancarlo Della Mota, the disk of 5 songs + 2 Bonus Track brings back the incomparable style and lyrics of the long-standing Chilean artist.

The album opens its fire with the namesake "The Amateur" where it wastes substance and consistency on a powerful Roots Digital. Then, in "Profitable" He takes us on a trip inside the singer who tells us that "nobody steals his calm". A whisper of love, tenderness and commitment is "I love you", song that has a story that you will soon know. "Laugh, stop crying"is a remix of "I'm going to celebrate" (2016) made by KDH Music. "With toa la bless" is a remix of "I tell you again" (2016) made by Captain Jungle. While "Love is the solution" (2015) Y "Bright" (2017) are the bonus track that complete this new work by José Dolores, incorporated as a way of thanking those who constantly support their work.

“The Amateur” was mixed and mastered by KDH Music, produced by José Dolores and KDH Music. Its exclusive premiere is still available with a minimum voluntary contribution of 3 A thousand pesos, that you can reserve by email

Since the launch of “Olla Común” in 2020 that José Dolores has been implementing a form of independent financing with his followers. Once its production is announced, be it simple, EP the album, the artist carries out a direct pre-sale for a specified time, before releasing his music for his digital platforms, which has resulted in a new way of relating to the lovers of his music.

“I have rediscovered that taste of sharing music with people and knowing that people are identifying, it is reaching you and, above all, meet the people who listen to my music, who knows my business and treats me like an artist, they do treat me like an artist and they deserve the best of me ", express.

It is 2021 it has been a year full of cultural resistance. The artists have had to remain in front of an uncertain scenario, no live shows, and in front of the giant streaming industry that often puts the road uphill for musical self-management. Even so, José Dolores gets positive accounts in the face of what has been a difficult year again. It began with the premiere of "Saber de tí", single where Talulah Neira participated in the choirs; months later he presented "Charles", a tribute to the Chilean footballer, and now he returns to delight his followers with "El Amateur", production with which this year closes.

José Berrios aka Pato B or José Dolores is a self-taught musician, singer, and independent producer. More than 15 years on the Black Music scene, specifically in the area of ​​Digital Reggae, Dancehall and Soundsystem culture, has been a mainstay of the genre in Chilean reggae, was founder, Author, composer, Performer and main voice of the trio Conciencia YoyYo (2001/2011), pioneers in Chile of Deejay Style.