In times of social upheaval Mista Coco launches new single "Hot"


"A summary of injustice" at a time when the Chilean people have risen and paralyzed the country demanding justice and equality, It is the embodied subject in "Hot", Mista's new single Coco, dancehall makes honors the fight that takes across the country.

Hot is a kind of summary of injustice and especially how people are also tired. The song says “ignites the flame” and it refers to ignite the inner fire that allows us to open our eyes and express our dissatisfaction with this whole series of abuses and thefts that this political class and the Armed Forces are making protected by laws that protect them alone ", Concepcion said the artist.

Analyzing the social context we live these days in Chile, after the government put in place a state of emergency and curfew in most cities across the country taking military force outside and repressing all kinds of public demonstration, Coco Mista expressed about this situation that "is nothing but the result of both mistreat, the Chilean people is especially passive because of the trauma that caused us the Pinochet dictatorship, but new generations that do not bring that fear gave us that push that was missing, they “They lit the flame” in this case. Curfews only reflect the inability to meet these demands democratically and fairly by the government ".

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, Mista Coco also detailed how dancehall reggae and are fighting tools. "Reggae, dancehall and music in general must be the voice that carries the message everywhere. We have enormous power and have to use it. Art has the power to awaken consciences and reggae “and hits you feel no pain”, as Bob Marley said. In that sense and in my personal case, this vision translate it not only soil “Hot” but in all my letters ".

"Hot", Mista's new single Coco, It was produced by Kutral Dub (Ernesto Aguilar), song written in 2017 but whose subject is still in force. The single is available on all digital platforms artist who has great influence and recognition in the city of Concepcion and surroundings.

From here to the remainder of the year, Mista Coco continues to present their live show with band, where he rescues his career classics as "La Metraca", "Respect" or "Fire". further, It is kept constantly moving in the area representing different sound systems, Samuka and accompanied by DJ Radikal.

Adelanta you already have in folder new jobs with Kutral Dub and in the short term stays focused on the production of the video for "Caliente", which according, "It is well hot". By early 2020 It has scheduled its participation in major festivals and new spaces Also do.

"A big hello to Reggae Chalice, my fans and my friends and all those who fight for a fairer world ", He ended.