Maese: the elegant dancehall

Music was always part of his life. As a child dreamed of being a great artist to 20 years, But life takes many turns. Sweet and sour grapes has been the way of "The Master", who in an interview with Chalice Reggae recounts his story.

With two albums to his credit he can proudly list a few hits like "Danzal party " y “TO ", you have given a name in the scene, Particularly in the fifth region. The importance of finding a niche, a style and an identity in music for any musician -key- She led him to dabble in very young rap, then reggae, but he declared his unconditional love dancehall representing masterfully from Placilla, a remote district of Valparaiso.

Garrido Cristian Olguin was born in Switzerland for a family decision, They settled in this country in search of better economic move. The adventure European lands lasted about five years and ends in '89, when they return to Chile and settled on land in Placilla.

Recalls the melodies that her parents used to listen, Sun and rain, you Illimani, LI Quila and especially, the Latin American radio program Dimension, every day listening family and in those days sounded in 104,5. He continues playing on Radio Ritoque.

Fondly he refers to the place where he grew up: "I grew up here until the 20 years". There, in Placilla, He studied at a school located two blocks from home, where he studied until sixth grade; then he finished his secondary education at the Liceo Eduardo de la Barra, in Valparaiso.

Their schooling ended when Rastafari revealed in his life. Achupallas suddenly became their new home, community, with the sisters and brothers. He put aside the "normal" life and adopted the livity Rastafari, so his name, "The Master", a conjunction of two Ethiopian names (MAgana Selay), They are alluding to receive the blessing from heaven dawn light, the first daylight.

Children and music

The rap was the gateway to do the music for "The Master". Influenced by the musical tastes of his brother, recalls the era rappers like Mc Hammer, his childhood, bullying and hard moments lived in it were inspiration for his first creations.

How do you remember your first steps in music?

As I grew up among older was always difficult and I felt hurt by the fact that less. It was a hostile environment towards me, all bothered me and beat me. I felt hurt and repressed. That anger and frustration led me can deal with music, because later I was listening to hip hop and paid much attention to the lyrics of different groups. I needed to express myself and unburden.

Just at the moment that engagement with the hiphop and was determined to express my anger and frustration, I know Eternal and form MC's Klan.


For ten years Mc's Klan was the refuge, showcase "The Master". Already in the year 2005 changes course and begins to create music and dancehall reggae, with lyrics related to Rastafari.

"Zeros -Rolando DJ Prince Canessa- made tracks, we recorded double cassette player and headset, the first issue was "It will remain in your mind " Y "Torment". We leave in limbo but 2005 we get "To fly", an album with two known issues, homonym and the other one saying I turn my ganjah and cry. To fly It was a well-known song ", comments.

And continues: "I realized I vibrated different, so I decided to follow a path solo. I had revealed Rastafari and made many subjects with letters expressing Rastafari and was acquiring knowledge; I recorded a demo named "Something soft" I had entertained topics ".

Passing through Achupallas and community life certainly marked the life of "The Master". In this house he created his later works already in the solo plane, under the label BlackSoul Records, Triple study 7, artist and producer in the region, He is beginning to install -in those days the house of Achupallas-, when he was still a student of sound.

"I did when I was fed up issues in Achupallas with Black Soul, Triple 7, who gave me all the blessing, support and opportunities, He gave me his equipment and knowledge, so I managed to get "As 2Dance " I recorded with Reaktor Soldier Records, now known as the Jewel Records.

How it was this stage of your life, the album "As 2Dance"?

I became independent, I left home, I left still hit, I worked with the brothers on hamburgers and had plenty of time for me, so I could use it to work. He agreed that Triple 7 I was studying and implementing sound study. As we were well on the day that we lived there, I caved machines and relayed much knowledge that he was learning to turn. After studied same sound.

It's a nice drive because here in the scene we were few, They were just opening up local and Chinaski it was bomb and could sing every weekend.

The "Come 2Dance" is a compilation of themes worked on for two to three years. The workhorse of the album is "Danzal party " by which I know many. That letter flowed very fast but at that time I lingered in putting together an issue because the riddim was then the letter. In this case I used the iconic "Fever Pitch Riddim", a version of Bam Bam (riddim). This song has a concept, the name the DJ Dubplate, They make mention of sound, then why not do a song with all who sounded on the scene, to be fed up to name?.

Listen to the album “As 2dance”


"I'm danjolero Lero Lero". Thus he identifies himself with the music you both like and passionate singing, el dancehall.

"I like all the music (…) but I can hear dancehall all day and I feel good and do not harass me. Reggae and hip hop after a while saturates me. Hip hop excess causes me stress. Reggae excess makes me down, low me. But dancehall has me all the time well. This does not mean do not do things in other genres ", adds.

How visualizaste the way of being a musician and how you see today?

When one thinks child to be famous 20 years, but the reality later showed me that there is to come from wealthy families to do what you want. Those who live in the population must take the 100%. Work day and spend the rest of the time to the music. If you could give more, I give. All day I think of music.

Musician reality is hard, It is courageous in the sense that you have to go find resources. It is difficult for a pop musician call him every week offering touches. One has to go to show, Turning and fight the microphone to sing. You know how much work and time he devotes to music to sound good show. Not having masividad offer little and you have to accept whatever comes.

How do you see the reggae scene today?

It has improved tired, They have opened doors, but like everything is centralized in Chile, that what we all clear. For those who are emerging it is difficult, but for those who are bound wave is fine and they are opening doors stuffing. The Original Motion, Shamans and Boomer open doors to tired black music. That helps sick to continue growing. In a couple of years will be better. Make 10 years ago to a reggae tocata they were pure wool dreadlocks few more to be a while and went. Now a big reggae event people come.


Year 2015 "The Master" released their second album called "The elegance of Danzal". It was recorded in the studios of La Joya Records, finished itself. It is a compilation of his last 5 years of work.

The artist, whose lyrics relate everyday topics, transverse, party but also of a cultural and social awareness, It has several projects in the pipeline. A third album that will go ahead with singles, You will have variety of sounds dancehall reggae and hip hop, He explains and says that the essence of the album will sound "Maese".

"My essence is in what I express in music, If there is one word that sums it is elegance (…) I'm still learning and maturing musically my work. Step by step will move forward with my projects. new and entertaining things come, rebounding after a period of dormancy, I'll be strengthened ", ends.

video “Some think” (2015)