Bunny Wailer's Family Settles Hospital Debt, Continues Funeral Arrangements

A breakthrough for the expected realization of the funeral of Bunny Wailer was notified a few days ago, Reggae legend passed away the past 2 March and his departure has not been without controversy among the children of JAH B and his former manager for the heritage of the great artist. At last there is positive news in this matter after many weeks of uncertainty and numerous cross-information.

Family spokesman and son of Bunny Wailer, Asadenaki Livingston, shared the good news on his social networks: “¡JAH RASTAFARI!I am pleased to announce that the Hospital bill has been paid and we are fully focused on organizing a funeral fit for a KING!!. Highest respects to all my brothers for joining in this matter. Even in the 21st century, David will still defeat Goliath!”.

Read the official statement here:

Since the passing of our father, el honorable Neville O'riley Livingston OM OJ, aka Bunny Wailer, there have been numerous reports of alleged disputes in your estate and who could do what on your behalf. U.S, their children, we have been working as a unit to resolve all matters related to our father's inheritance.

U.S, the children of the farm, we are pleased to announce that we have covered outstanding hospital bills so that we can publish our father's death certificate and continue to focus on conducting a funeral fit for a king.

It is our primary intention to ensure that Bunny Wailer's legacy continues in the way he intended and to uphold his true wishes that he expressed directly to us.. By law, only estate beneficiaries have a say regarding your estate and personal property. U.S, the children of The Neville Livingston Estate and their beneficiaries, we will continue to exercise this right.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued prayers at this time., and we are sure that through the power of the Most High we will resolve all matters.

We continue to focus on our father's rich musical legacy by celebrating his life and work. The 10 April 2021 we commemorate his birthday by continuing the tradition of organizing “Rootsman Skanking”, an event dedicated to the Hon. Neville O’riley Livingston, aka Bunny Wailer. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we decided to record a virtual staging with characters like Tony Rebel, Chronixx, Popcaan, Zamunda, Ruffi-Ann, Nature Ellis, Mca lion & Bingi and our very own Asadenaki Wailer. 

For future updates on burial information and funeral date, Check out Bunny Wailer's official social media account @theofficialbunnywailer on Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned via BUNNYWAILERLEGACY.com.

One Love.