12 Celebrates tribes 19 Pando Surco years as special guest

  • The event will take place this Saturday 14 September at SCD Hall Bellavista.

September is the month of celebrations for excellence and in this context the national band 12 tribes will celebrate its 19 years of experience this Saturday 14 with a big concert to be held in lSala SCD Bellavista.

The group promises an unforgettable and unique event and further advance the presence of several surprise guests from the national scene.

“The expectations we have are the best, we believe that people want to live intense moments, that remain in the memory, and we work because every event we produce contains elements that are an experience to remember and not a concert any”, They commented from 12 tribes Reggae Chalice.

further, They argued that want this “is an instance where people listen to us for years to enjoy the songs that have accompanied us throughout our history, this time will be even more special because we can give them the powerful new music we are creating”.

“This concert will definitely be a huge thanks for my friends who our music has meant something important in their lives and now we come to see with their children”, He stressed the grouping.

This event will also have the participation of the Mendoza band Surco Pando, for the first time will come to Chile to show their music and, in particular, his latest work -Force Real-, in addition to taking advantage of the celebration to celebrate their 10 year career.

“Our arrival in Chile ends to define a year full of positive things for the band. It is the first time we leave the country, and a pleasure to do so in a brother country like Chile, even more for us, we are from Mendoza and we share the cordillera. The party is even bigger sharing scenario birthday 19 of 12 tribes, which it makes it an immense pleasure trip here”, said the band trasandina.


Saturday 14 of September

Sala SCD Bellavista, Santa Filomena 110, Recoleta

Tickets: $4.000 presales and $5.000 General Eventrid