Chile Festival brings live it to Nonpalidece and announce exclusive show in Villa Alemana

The South American reggae does not rest. High connotation bands and strong presence in South America pass through Chile from here to the rest of this 2019, such as Nonpalidece, historic Argentina reggae group who have been on several occasions in the country and return this October as part of their 23 year history to be part of Vívela Festival, further confirming exclusive show in Villa Alemana.

Reggae roots of the River Plate, It is the description of its origin. Trasandina band has had a year driven by the Americas, from the US through Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Of course Argentina and now Chile, Nonpalidece they are part of the group of established artists in the region when it comes to Reggae, a band that through self-management has forged a successful path.

Formed in the mid-nineties, the group has been active in music without interruption since its first show, Way back 1996. In the retina of all lovers of reggae is the first album that took the band in the year 2000, “Dread al Control”, adding to date 5 studio albums and 2 live productions.

Inspired by the music of Israel Vibration and Don Carlos, Nonpalidece takes 20 years making music with the same training, a big family. Eleven of "Nonpa", as they are known popularly, They come to Chile on Friday 18 October for his first appearance in the fifth region, specifically at Cafe Rock Multiespacio Villa Alemana.

While the next day, Saturday 19 October, They will be part of the great Vívela Festival, event to be held in the Parque Quinta Normal, in Santiago, and will feature six scenarios, more of 50 artists from different musical styles . The group that "not blanch" will be present in the South Valley stage, show scheduled for 14:30 hrs. In the same space Original Motion Chilean trio previously will.

Notably, the last studio album of the band, "Activists", on the 2013. Between 2018 Y 2019 They have been edited singles and working on a new album which is expected to see the light next year (2020). Some of these singles are probably released during the remainder of this year, plus, Reggae counted as Chalice, production will also include a joint effort with the Brazilian group "Ponto de Equilibrio", with whom they have a close relationship.