Native Lion presents "Sorcery"

Chilean singer-songwriter Lion Nativo, reggae rap rep, It is back with a clear and powerful message. “Incantation” single with video clip is presented as a second preview of his upcoming album “This Earth Medicine”, Maneuver work produced by Bits and released from the label MDEMUSICA.

El artista oriundo de Quilpué (Pikunmapu/Chile), I is a psychologist by profession and began his musical career 2007, with disc “All Jahmor”. Su segunda producción fue “Spiritual uprising” (2009). Three years later published “Semijahzz” (2012) and in parallel the project begins band called “Nation Awkapan”, group that remains active until today. “A Recover” (2014) is his last big production, with a clear social content that is directly related to the new work presented today.

As they noted in a statement, “Incantation” it is “an invocation for the protection of our territories, our communities and life, a sincere message Lion Native reflected in audiovisual format aspheric Films”.

As he confirmed by the artist himself, It is expected that “This Earth Medicine, his fifth studio album, will be available in March 2020, production will 6 tracks about.

Lion's new single Native is also available in your Spotify account: