The "Ghetto Star" runs through Chile and confirms new dates

A new project that seeks to open spaces along Chile to promote the work of national artist is what is proposed Ghetto Star, Boomer led a bet that began in July and now announces new dates for October and the remainder of the year.

Reggae dancehall scene in the country we know is not very big. It is difficult to constantly keep current in the circuit with live. According to account Boomer Reggae Chalice, Ghetto Star seeks to "promote the work of years in the scene is truncated sometimes waiting for that big producers invite them to participate, invitation that never comes. Thus was born "Ghetto Star", the ghetto stars (as is its translation into Spanish) which along Chile and each region has his own ".

Star base Ghetto composes Boomer, Mc Jona y Dj Well, Three historical scene dancehall reggae if we talk about. On each date a local artist adds by city, Thus they have participated in this initiative Black Sambo, Naiko, Chico Claudio, Dj Pensativo, Polo parable, Elemental and dancer Mami Killa DHQ.

"The goal is to have many more artists, have a well varied and different grille in each region and make small tours with crew that is armed for the occasion and incorporate new talent ", adds Boomer.

also it plans to generate materials set among the artists who are part of Ghetto Star in order to position the name as "the scene of the artistic union of the national scene", Boomer details. For the moment, The project is focused on strengthening solitas careers of each of the participants.

And attentive, because probably in the not too distant future we will be announcing a Ghetto Star Festival, which it is also part of its projections. It was launched the first collaboration, "Persevere", a combination between Boomer and Mc Jona available on all digital platforms, including its video clip.

Ghetto Star began touring in July and has already gone through Talca, Florida in Santiago, Arica and Antofagasta. In October he returns to Antofagasta, They will pass through Tal, while in November and confirmed dates in Pichilemu, Quilicura in Santiago, and San Fernando. In December the tour moves south, Puerto Montt is confirmed presentations and Osorno. You can follow the page Instagram Ghetto Star and keep up with their news, several upcoming dates and surprises.