Sister Carol releases single with her daughter and prepares new album

the legend of reggae Sister Carol A few weeks ago he released a new single called “Be Alone”, a collaboration with his daughter Nakeeba Amaniyea, while preparing a new compilation album Millenium Movie Star Riddim.

A few days ago it was announced that several well-known reggae artists will participate in this album., as Sister Nancy, Michael Palmer, Glen Washington, Lady G, Hempress Sativa, Scion Success, Sammy Dread, Marcia Aiken, Lady Ann, Empress Treajah, Ilawi, Willow Wilson, Tilly Beng, in addition to Sister Carol herself and her daughter Nakeeba.

Although at the moment there is no official release date for this new album, It has been announced that it will be available soon, as published Maria Jackson Magazine.

Listen to the single here “Be Alone”:

In his prolific musical career of 40 years and known as Black Cinderella (Black Cinderella), Sister Carol has been nominated for a Grammy and has published 19 albums to date, the last of them, Opportunity, of the year 2020.