Georgie from "No Woman No Cry" dies

Recorded in Bob Marley's anthem "No Woman No Cry" it will forever remain in the annals of Jamaican culture George Headley Robinson, popularly called Georgie, Marley's close friend, who died on wednesday, a banner from the Bob Marley Museum located on Hope Road in St Andrew. further, was immortalized with his image on a perimeter wall mural on the property.

“Said I remember when we use to sit
In the government yard in Trench Town.
And then Georgie would make the fire light,
it was logwood burnin’ through the night.
Then we would cook cornmeal porridge
Of which I’ll share with you…
— Bob Marley

According to the local newspaper Jamaica Observer, Sharon Marley referred to Robinson as an extension of her father, who was left in charge of the family after Bob's death in 1981.

“It was definitely an extension of our father to us.. I mean, he spent so much time with Bob that he became a part of us and I think Bob left him here to take care of us and he did very well over the years. ", shared.

Marley said she will miss the wisdom of Georgie's years and the bond it gave her to the past.. Her culinary skills were also high on her list of attributes..

“Georgie was over 80 years. He was very wise and shared much of that knowledge with us.. His vision was based on true Rasta roots, so we take your statements with deep consideration. Then, to lose an old man like Georgie is to lose a walking piece of history and information. Many of the things we now know about those early years in Trench Town, we wouldn't have known if it hadn't been for Georgie ", he added.

Cedella Marley, CEO of Bob Marley Group of Companies, was the first to announce Robinson's passing with a post on her Instagram page with a video of her sister Sharon, stroking the head of his parents' lifelong friend.

The legend said: “We lost our Georgie who stayed with the fire burning all night. Rest well Georgie. Fly home”