Ziggy Marley vibe rose and lit the night on their way through Chile

A great day was high quality reggae lived the past 1 of April, one of the members of the "Royal Family", Ziggy Marley, the greater the clan heir Bob, who he appeared before a fully filled Amanda fan club of his music.

The show started on time, near the 21:30 hrs and sounded the first chords of roots reggae that characterizes, repertoire is part of a tour in which he presents his latest album "Rebellion Rises", production that earned him Grammy nomination for eighth time, in its edition 2019, and showing a renewed sound rescuing the traditional essence of style, but which manages to capture his seal.

Said plate sounded like songs that names the disk itself, “Rebellion Rises”, among others as “See dem fake leaders”, “World Revolution” y “Circle of Peace”. Clásicos como “Look who’s dancing”, They are representing its earliest stage in music, They were also part of this great show. During su show, Ziggy was accompanied by two of his sons, Gideon and Abraham, who participated in several times, singing and dancing with her father.

Infaltable in presentations of Marley is a review by the repertoire of his father. Thus it sounded "War", “Get up Stand up”, “Coming from the cold”, “One love”, “Redemption song” e “Is this love”, to name a few.

Ziggy Marley showed that reggae is a style that continues to enchant, which is friendly to your audience and having a critical speech to the problems and injustices afflicting the world, important part of the theme of his latest production. Undoubtedly, Bob Marley's firstborn boasts its origin, presenting a clean show, interesting, entertaining, with a fresh sound, but always close to the essence of reggae roots.