“No Ka Che Na”: Brazilian musician Emersound presents single dedicated to Chile

Brazilian composer and musician Emerson Araújo, better known as Emersound, He is currently promoting his new single "No Ka Che Na", song dedicated to Chileans and their idiosyncrasy, to the particularity of the colloquial language that is used in Chile and where he also tells different anecdotes as a foreigner in national lands under a fusion rhythm that mixes different styles, like samba, reggae, and even sounds typical of the cueca.

Definitely, Emersound - based in Germany- During its passage through Chile, it generated close ties and connections that it maintains to this day., thus he also declares himself a lover of "Chileanism" and Chilean culture.

“From my beginnings in Chile it was very important for me to learn the language, to communicate and interact with people, since it was my first migration after 23 years in Brazil. I was learning day by day, but the chileans, although they speak spanish, they have something very special called chilenismo. Speaking 'Chilean' is something very special, it's quite creative. For example, I was impressed by the construction of sentences with only three words ", Emersound expressed.

About this new single, the artist explained that “it was born from various inspirations, like the ternary rhythm, the cueca, cumbia and percussion, like the chinchín or the chinchineros, all that music in general. I was also inspired by the premises of Plaza Italia, the Smoked Walk, the chicha from Curacaví, the casserole and the pisco, for example. It is a country that is narrow but complete, there is snow, vegetation, desert and the pacific ocean ”.

His passion for music was born in Brazil, playing percussion in the well-known Samba School “Go Go”, who has won the São Paulo Carnival several times. In search of better opportunities, the 2003 settled in Santiago de Chile, developing a successful musical career, standing out for having been the percussionist for Joe Vasconcellos in some live shows and for his participation in the recording of the album "En paz".

This musician from São Paulo was the voice in Portuguese of the children's character Freddy Turbina from “31 minutos”, in the song “Yo opino” and in other themes of this series when it began to be broadcast in Brazil. further, had the opportunity to participate in the folkloric competition of the Viña del Mar Festival, the 2007, being the percussionist of the singer Muriel Lama, both representing their native country.

Always looking to grow as an artist, make 13 years lived in Germany, where he has managed to perform in important festivals in that country, as Bardentreffen and Fuison, in addition to other Europeans and the world: The Waves (Denmark), el Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Black Cross (Holland), Beer and Flowers (Slovenia), Gnaoua (Morocco) y Seoul Drum Festival (South Korea), to name a few. In this journey he has built an attractive musical proposal, that mixes different styles, like samba, the rap, Maracatú, Afro-Beat, Pop, Funk and Reggae.

"No Ka Che Na" is now available on Youtube, Spotify and on the different digital platforms, as part of the album “Mi Raza” by Emersound.

Source: Press release