CryptoRasta: CryptoRasta

The first lady of neo-roots reggae, Jah9, The first lady of neo-roots reggae (The first lady of neo-roots reggae), which was released at the beginning of the month in the CryptoRastas auction, managing to position itself as the best-selling generative art avatar in a list of ten international artists, and the only woman on that list.

The featured artist's avatar is the only CryptoRasta representation with a Chalice (pipa para fumar ganjah), instrument that is widely known as his preferred method of meditation.

His exclusive avatar caused a bidding war in the OpenSea marketplace and was eventually sold for 1,6 ETH, corresponding to some 5.567 US dollars at auction close, subject to currency value fluctuation.

Beating the closing price of artists like Sugar Minott, Ranking Joe, AnthonyB, Jah Mason, Jesse Royal, Yaadcore and some others, the auction was part of a limited edition of 200 avatars representing reggae celebrities, and it was Jah9's first NFT offering since the explosion of the crypto verse.

The winner of your CryptoRasta NFT will also own one of your Chalice Station NFTs, which is scheduled to launch later this month on, the next 20 of April.

Chalice Station NFT owners will receive Jah9's uniquely designed ganja vaporizer and enjoy exclusive access to a “wellness community sharing knowledge about the medicinal and meditative properties of ganja through an ancient method of steaming with chalice, holistic health experiences, economic empowerment and NFT”.

In 2013, Jah9's creative ambitions stunned when he burst onto the scene with messages interweaving powerful Rastafari and ganja defense lyrics under tasty Reggae beats., as well as the infusion of wellness and yoga in their theatrical performances.

It should be remembered that the brand-new artist has lived in Africa for three years, from where he has been working on his next initiatives and also raising his family.