Rastafari Community of Chile demands compensatory measures for violation of human rights committed against the elderly in Jamaica

  • While, The Theocratic Kingdom of the Nyahbinghi Order in Chile also became part by sending its own missive.

Given the news received a few days ago of a violation of rights committed against the elderly Binghi Irie Lion, when in a medical check-up at the Linstead Hospital in Jamaica, hospital officials proceeded to cut his beard without prior authorization, the one he carried as part of his life precepts Rastafari does 57 years, Different organizations representing Rastafari in Chile sent a letter expressing themselves against this situation.

In the letter signed by the Ethiopian African International Congress (E.A.B.I.C Chile), The Lion of Judah Community (remnant of 12 Tribes of Israel in Chile); the RastafarI Assembly, and the Empress Menen Asfaw Chile Foundation, the Chilean Rastafari request the authorities of the island's Ministry of Culture, public apologies, in addition to demanding compensatory measures for the irreparable damage caused to said old man.

The letter relates the events that occurred: “William Montgomery Holmes, called Bongo Irie Lion, Outstanding elder of the Nyahbinghi Order who has carried the high precepts of the RastafarI Way in righteousness attached to the Livity RastafarI, went to Linstead Hospital last 26 April 2020 due to pneumonia and high blood pressure (…) Three days later, the 29 of April, the family was able to attend the hospital compound and they took the painful and terrible news that Bongo Irie Lion had his beard shaved without any explanation or apparent medical reasons. This event has caused great emotional trauma for both him and his family, since his beard wore it ago 57 years in conviction of their beliefs ”.

Protected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is stated that the actions committed against the elderly violate their rights ratified in the article 25 paragraph 1, articles 3 Y 18 of said statement.

"In the face of this great transgression committed, we come to express our repudiation of this situation, We also request that they take all appropriate measures to prevent this violation of human rights from happening again to any person who professes the faith of life Rastafari. We demand that public apologies be given from the institution to Bongo Irie Lion for this horrendous event and compensatory measures for the irreparable damage caused considering all the international recognition and tourist benefits that it has brought to the people and Government of Jamaica., the Rastafarian life faith ”, end the letter.

It should be noted that for the life of the Rastafari, hair is a sacred symbol and part of its precepts is to let it grow without cutting it..

Card for Binghi Irie Lion: