Cannabis medicinal: Senate Health Commission rejects Safe Crop law

The Senate Health Commission rejected the idea of ​​legislating the bill that seeks to end the criminalization of the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, project that had previously been approved by a large majority in the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies. The initiative was rejected by three votes against and two in favor., with votes against Carolina Goic, Francisco Chahuán and Ena von Baer, and in favor of Guido Girardi and Rabindranath Quinteros.

The initiative known as the Safe Cultivation Law and renamed Rodrigo Barraza, the father who took his life after going through a harsh criminalization process, was rejected in the Senate Health Committee last Tuesday 5 October. It must still be reviewed by the Senate room where it is expected to be approved and progress in its processing, after 3 years of waiting since it was dispatched from the Chamber of Deputies to the Senate.

Deputy Karol Cariola (PC), author of the motion, regretted the result of the vote in the Senate Health Commission and stated that the initiative “what it does is guarantee that the persecution of those families is avoided, people, medical cannabis users by way of protection through a prescription”.

“It was approved by practically the vast majority of the votes in the Chamber of Deputies, more than 80%, practically unanimously by the Health Commission. But nevertheless, in the Senate by the votes of three senators falls. This is very unfortunate”, added the parliamentarian.

Ana Maria Gazmuri, Director of Fundación Daya, clarified that the Rodrigo Barraza law was intended not to regulate the pharmaceutical use of cannabis, but to protect the users who grow this plant, "Who are patients, who have various pathologies and who have the accompaniment and prescription of their doctors. "

"We will not lower our arms. We know that we must keep moving forward, we know that we will have the votes in the room because this is a human rights issue ", Gazmuri stated bluntly and added that the purpose of the Rodrigo Barraza law is to decide whether “people who grow cannabis for medicinal purposes should be imprisoned. Nothing more and nothing less”, emphasized the actress.

The initiative contemplates the modification of the Sanitary Code to allow that the medical prescription is a sufficient authorization for the plantation, growing and harvesting cannabis, to limit the powers of arrest or seizure, when there is no traffic history.