Balaguero and Cestar reach the Top 10 from Billboard's Reggae list with Xyclone's “The Sounds of South America” album

A milestone in the history of Chilean reggae, the artists Balaguero and Cestar entered the Top 10 from the Reggae list of the giant Billboard hand in hand with the latest production of the Jamaican artist Xyclone, “The Sounds of South America”, of which both participate respectively.

Big news caused the debut of dancehall artist Xyclone. With 11 tracks, "The Sounds of South America" ​​entered number nine on the list, with 1.064 copies on sales in the first week.

Based on his well-known dancehall sound, the artist incorporates new sounds paying tribute to the indigenous South Americans, how is the first track of the album "Arawak Chant", alluding to the tribes that spread through South America and the Caribbean. So also "Amazonian Chant" and "Traditional Incan Empire Song". Among the artists participating in this production, Chileans Balaguero and Cestar from Shamanes Crew stand out, and the Colombian artist Soy Malaia.

Balaguero met the Jamaican when he came to Chile in October 2018. He previously produced the song for Xyclone “Gyal A Call Mi Name” for your album “The Year Of The Wolf” (2019), and just as they had agreed in one of their conversations, they managed to coordinate for a collaboration that materialized with Balaguero's song “Zoom”, which was incorporated into the new production of the islander.

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, Balaguero shared his joy regarding this achievement, a milestone in the history of Chilean reggae.

“It was totally unexpected and very surprising for me., I know that Xyclone had already been in that situation on other occasions and one day in the morning he spoke to me and told me: you're on billboard! And i said wow, I never thought that being part of his album that would come to pass, but without any doubt, it is a joy to be within the 10 best-selling albums on the Billboard Reggae Chart just a couple of weeks after the album was released, along with artists of the level of Bob Marley, Sean Paul y Stick Figure”, express.

In the same line, Chaparral He added that “I find it interesting to be able to contribute with a collaboration with Xyclone in this song and to be playing on other platforms different from the ones we are used to listening to.. It is important to show our new projects to an audience that does not yet know our music ”.

It should be noted that this is Xyclone's fifth entry on the Billboard chart.. "From the Basement to the Big Leagues" reached number one on 2017, while, a few months later, "2774 Waterford Parkway" stalled at number four. "The Year of the Wolf" reached third place in 2019, while "Sounds of Africa" ​​rose to seven that same year.. “Congress Society”, launched in 2020, managed to reach number five on the US Reggae Current Albums chart.. UU. with sales of 371 copies in the first week, data provided by the local newspaper Jamaica Observer.

Consulted about this new work that seeks to amplify its reach and captivate the Latin South American market, Xyclonecommented that “I have strong support in that market, I was in Chile where I did two shows, djs are always playing my songs in South America and Latin America, They received my music very well so I continue to work on a series of more albums ”.

The artist of 34 years he added that “I already made the sounds of Africa (The Sounds of Africa), now I made the sounds of America (The Sounds of South America), I'll probably make the sounds of Asia next time. I am a music lover and I like to spread my music to all kinds of people around the world ", voiced Reggae Chalice also known as "Billboard Kid" since most of his albums have entered the top 10 from Billboard's Reggae chart.

It is precisely these collaborations between Hispanic and English-speaking artists that have allowed Reggae to spread to all corners, breaking language cultural barriers. About, Balaguero said that “this is something that has been happening more frequently for a couple of years., personally, I've already done collaborations with artists like Devin Di Dakta, Richie Loop, Addis Pablo and now Xyclone ", while Cestar added that “it is important to cross borders and that artists from different cultures, languages ​​and countries, mix your music into one song, thus it gives more rise to our genre and opens more doors for the next generations ".

"The Sounds of South America" ​​is now available on all its digital platforms since the past 15 October, and you can listen to it here.