Vibra Positiva premiered the video clip of “Mood”, single from his new EP

The Temuco group Positive vibe He presented his new video clip during January “Mood”, the single from his new EP called “Reggae Mood”.

This is the group's third production., integrated to Rodrigo Martinez (Be Happy), Simon Bascuñán (Sdread), both singers, composers and music producers, beside Victor Martinez (manager and audiovisual producer), after his EP Perseverance (2015) and from his album Renuevate (2019).

“After the recent pandemic we returned to the studio very inspired to compose new music where these were born 3 songs contained in the Reggae Mood EP: 'Jamaica Sound', ‘Mood’ and 'Rud a Dub'”, He said Rodrigo Martinez a Reggae Chalice.

With influences in dub and sound system, in addition to Bob Marley, Gondwana, Quique Neira, Tiano Bless, Mellow Mood, alborosie, Kabaka Pyramid y Green Valley, among others, Positive vibe ensures that this latest work “brings a fresh sound” and his “characteristic positive message”.

Although at the moment they have not scheduled the release of the EP, They already have several dates scheduled to perform live during the month of February as in Pitrufquén (4 February), at Valdivia Beer Carnival (11 February) and at the Welcome of the Students of the U. Autonomous 2023, the 27 February, in Temuco.

Likewise, They sent a greeting to their followers and to those who have supported them during these years.

“We give thanks because from the day 1 We have had the support of our followers who accompany us to this day and are increasingly more. As a reward we will continue creating music to accompany you every day with the best Positive Vibes”, posed Be Happy.