Addis Ababa's new live proposal

With 10 years of history, Chilean ska band Addis Ababa continues to innovate in its staging and this Friday 14 of June, Next to the Transhumante Audiovisual Cooperative, They present a challenging live proposal for their followers.

It is a tocata shall next to a cinephore in the historical Diana Space located in the center of the capital, day that will begin with the screening of the documentary Rudeboy: the story of the Trojan Records (2018) from the director Nicolas Jack Davies, which tells the story of how the nascent Jamaican music of the 60s′ en los Sound Systems, which was an anthem for the independence of the island, became one of the most influential in England during the 70s′.

For Alexis Cornejo, trombonist from Addis Ababa, The commitment to this format and the documentary is related to different aspects.

“Ska and Jamaican music has expanded globally, watching this documentary takes us to its history and roots. And if we add that it is a film club and film forum, brings us closer as a community”, the musician said.

After the screening of the documentary, the so-called cineforum will be held., which will be moderated by the singer-songwriter Pickua, who has vast experience in popular music, in which attendees will be able to speak.

“(These instances allow) collectively elaborate the different sensations and ideas generated by the projection, which reminds us again of the power of cinema for social transformation and community development”, commented Isham Assis, of the Transhumante Cooperative.

Niñx Carolo and Addis Ababa provide the musical quota

After the cineforum the music will begin with Niñx Carolo, band that recently celebrated 10 years, and whose music mixes various rhythms, but with a strong presence of ska and punk, which is accentuated in
his letters of sharp criticism.

The closing of the day will be in charge of the group Addis Ababa, with its instrumentals full of dub references, reggae and ska, presenting and testing new songs that are already in the recording process,

Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster and also at the Espacio Diana box office, located in Arturo Prat 435, near the Parque Almagro Metro, since $5.000 pesos.

The opening of the doors will be at 18:30 and this is the schedule of activities:

  • 18:30 Door opening
  • 19:00 Documentary screening
  • 20:30 Cinematographer
  • 21:30 Niñx Carolo
  • 22:00 Addis Ababa