"Your way", Maialem's new combination with Boomer

They announced it a few days ago and the networks were turned on waiting for the launch of the new Maialem, his first musical combination with Boomer, the talented pioneer of raggamuffin in Chile, who have just released the single with a video clip of "A Tu Manera".

Produced entirely by Boomer, “A Tu Manera” is a song that talks about music and dance on an urban dancehall rhythm. "It is an invitation to feel free in these times of confinement and mass control worldwide., it is an invitation to express oneself freely through dance and through music as a transversal language ", Maialem commented in conversation with Reggae Chalice

Although this is the first musical production that brings together both prominent artists of the scene under the same riddim, Maialem and Boomer have a long history: when Boomer surprised with the Dance Syndicate, Maialem was part of some of her performances as a dancer.

“I always had the concern to work with him and we made this year, Jah times are perfect. It is very gratifying after so many years of effort and independent work, have a musical production of who is the pioneer of the raggamufin ", added the longtime reggae dancehall artist.

The audiovisual production was in charge of Tecbo Pro and the dancers Lady Stephy participate in this video clip, Girl Polet and Santitas Killah Family dancer Blass as representatives of dancehall; Gazal and Yei in the afrohouse and Viviana in the popping.

"A Tu Manera" is sponsored by Reggae Chalice and Rudeboys clothing, and the Maialem youtube channel is now available.