Sevana risks up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to a fatal accident

the reggae singer Sevana pleaded guilty to dangerous driving death charge then what in May of 2021 starred in a serious traffic accident that ended with a deceased person And because of that risks up to five years in jail.

the singer of 30 years, call Anna-Sharé Blake, appeared in court in Westmoreland, in western jamaica, where he admitted his guilt and was awaiting the sentence that will be known next Thursday 17 of November.

According to the police report, in late May of last year Sevana was traveling on the main road from Scott Cove in Whitehouse, Westmoreland, when the Honda City car he was driving collided with an oncoming Honda Fit.

Ordia Cordiel, who was traveling in the crashed car, suffered serious injuries and was admitted to Black River Hospital, but finally he died a few days later, the 30 of May.

The police report also stated that Sevana's license was issued on 17 of May, one week before the accident, while she was officially charged with the accident on 1 June 2021.

Sevana's career

Sevana, born in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland parish capital, rose to fame in 2008 when he entered Digicel Rising Stars as part of the girl group SLR made up of two friends from her school.

His group advanced into the top ten of the competition, eventually placing third., however SLR broke up the following year, in 2009, and Sevana went on hiatus from music during which she threw herself into various jobs like customer service, social media coordinator and waitress after graduating from Manning School.

just in 2014 returned to writing and acting appearing on the single “Sudden Flight” reggae singer Protoje in his album Ancient Future. He also began appearing regularly with his band., Indiggnation, in live performances and then toured with them in July of 2015.

That same year Protoje signed Sevana under their In.Digg.Nation Collective imprint, but in april 2022 the singer announced her friendly separation. “In.Digg will remain my family. In this new season I am convinced that I need to move with some autonomy”, said on that occasion.

Sevana is recognized for singles like “If You Only Knew” Y “Man Down” and got a big boost in his career when his single “Mango” licensed for use in the TV show soundtrack Big Sky, that is transmitted by the chain ABC.