Reggae from Patagonia: Rastádos launches its new single entitled "Culpables"

The new band from Coyhaique presents its second single where it addresses social issues related to what happened in Chile with the October revolt and the strength of the people under a national social movement, calling for unity in the fight.

In a press release, Juan Fernandez Barril, band singer, explained that “the experience of working with this musical project has been very enriching. (the single) talks a lot about everything that has happened with this social movement. At the same time it also catches my attention, how people have been waking up a bit and every time we protest or complain about something, in the end the authorities end up making us feel guilty and it is something that happens permanently ".

On the new music of Rastádos, the vocalist added that “we are very happy to be able to release this second single (…) As we can see, Tracked took flight, they started with this first song "Memories", which advocated a bit of emotion, to the memory of what we have lived, and now we go with "Guilty”.