Reggae Month will celebrate an unpublished virtual version

February arrives and with it, a new edition of the month of Reggae in Jamaica, officially declared by the Government of the island in 2008 and that this year will celebrate an unpublished edition. The novelty, maybe none, It is 2021 will repeat what has been the tonic of all the events of 2020: the activities programmed for this month, which also celebrates the birth of two great reggae stars, will be transmitted virtually.

"Come Ketch di Riddim" is the name by which it has been called this February, and the authorities have reaffirmed the call to continue the online transmission of this different month of reggae on the island, but that will generate the possibility of it being seen in all corners of the planet.

The purpose of Reggae Month is to highlight and celebrate the impact of Reggae Music on social development, cultural and economic of Jamaica. The month is also special for two iconic birthdays: Dennis Brown's held on 1 February and Bob Marley's 6 the same month.

Reggae Month 2021 will start this sunday 31 January with a religious service. Throughout the month of February there will be a series of virtual events, some of the most anticipated include a series of talks, “Grounation”, organized by the Jamaica Museum of Music, iconic movies “Reggae Movies Online” and a virtual Sound Clash. Also the already positioned once massive festivals like "Remembering Dennis Brown", tribute event with which his birth is celebrated every year; and Bob Marley Day, organized by the Artist Foundation and which contemplates a series of activities from the 7 in the morning and which have already been recorded but which will be broadcast throughout the day.

Other must-sees of this Reggae Month are the Reggae Conversations with prominent artists from the scene and also the Studio Sessions, where some of Jamaica's leading Reggae ambassadors will stop by the CPTC studios in Kingston, and will relate central aspects of the story of their lives.

This February you will be able to enjoy a varied list of Reggae events from the comfort of your home. Look at the calendar and don't miss this unprecedented Month of virtual Reggae.

Like Ketch Di Riddim, live broadcast here!