Jona MC is ready to debut in Panama

– accounts cheerful MC takes these days Jona, the former lead singer of Gondwana who since his retirement from the band, a couple of months, not rest and prepares to land for the first time as a soloist in Panama.

If I had to define it in one word, She is serious Grateful. It describes what these months have been back to his solo career Porteno Valparaiso MC Jona, who after eight years as the main voice of Gondwana reprises his way by launching new singles and touring the continent; He was passing through Argentina and in the coming days are going on tour for the first time Selina, the old town Panama City.

"It was a nice gift back to being solo, really love and human relationships I made these 8 years has given me much light to go (…) It has been nice to come back to sound, neighborhoods, to the stage one more accomplices and really only nice things have happened, so I am very grateful ", comments.

Football fan, especially Santiago Wanderers, since returning to the slopes alone has not stopped generating new musical content and move around Chile. It is one of the pillars of Ghetto Star, the project led by Boomer, along with who a couple of months launched "Persevere".

In conversation with Reggae Chalice, Mc Jona tells about his recent steps and projects to continue: "We took a single with Boomer , which for me it is one of my greatest influences and who also helped me a lot in my first steps; We also released another single with Direct Port, "The great tyrant", a cover of Jorge Farias, singer and the great voice of Valparaiso. We continue to work to full on Joya (Records) in a project we have with Damian Rodriguez also of Valparaiso ".

Adelanta is almost ready combination with Jah Fabio de Mexico, and one with an artist from Colombia, a "surprise" for his followers, dice.

In September, he toured for the first time in Argentina. Simple in the way they communicate, in those days published in their social networks that the trip "was going to call the turns of the cigarette but actually it will be called persevere Tour”, trasandinas lands a tour that took him to stage the Test, among others, and interviews in various local media, one Pelagatos, of the most recognized reggae media in South America.

"It was very pretty the treatment and care of people, the 3 also shows all different but very good quality; kids radio Pelagatos and Cucho with the Authentic French (effete) a grosos and loving. Only positive accounts, It is a very powerful market, a lot of reggae culture, where you have to be marked as long presence in this first tour we think far beyond the objective is to plant the seed solo ", MC says Jona.

More than 18 years in music, the Buenos Aires reggae never tires and constantly reinvents. In a couple of days he will be presenting his latest work in the hotel chain Selina, located in Old Panama City, on a short tour that takes him first as a solo artist to that country also it has important connections, and that is achieved as a result of his work with producer Conscious.

"Come on three dates to Selina hotels to make a small tour. I'm very excited about all this is happening in Panama. We are working to bring some musical surprises, I have very good friends and brothers over there long as Kafu Banton, What Rasta, who I have always supported me a lot and therefore also have a special affection for Panama ", He tells enthusiastically about the upcoming trip to perform.

positive balance and pure cheerful accounts since he has resumed his solo career, for the remainder of the year that it will continue traveling the hand Chile Ghetto Star, among other dates have already been confirmed as December, Reggae festival for Life, where he has participated since its inception.

The objective? "Keep fighting, try to get all the issues that were pending with my friends and continue giving the reggae, the 2020 it comes with many more proposals, tours and lots of music ", ends.