• Cedella Marley is the daughter of legendary reggae singer. At 2014 It started a revolution in women's football in his country and got the biggest feat: contest a World Cup.
  • Reggae Girlz calls debuted yesterday at the World Cup under Group C with Brazil, Italy and Australia, becoming the first Caribbean team ever to play in a World Cup FIFA Women.


The Skip teenager came home with a flyer in his hand. He had received without even knowing what it was. After greeting with a kiss to her mother she left the paper on the table. Cedella, daughter of the legendary Bob Marley, in curiosity that every mother has when it comes to a child, It took the pamphlet. He read that they were asking for financial support to help the selection of women's football in Jamaica. It was an afternoon of 2014, but that day the lives of Jamaican players changed forever. Five years later they would play their first Women's World history.

After reading the small steering wheel, Cedella was upset. Skip practiced football, I loved him. It was his coach who had given him the leaf imploring donations for a group of players who throughout their 28 years of history have suffered to keep up due to almost no support from his federation.

Cedella, one of the most recognizable figures in his country, He picked up the phone to delve into the subject. He was incredulous about the precarious situation of the players. Which they dreamed of participating in a World Cup or an Olympic Games, They had to overcome many obstacles in the absence of economic support. Meanwhile, the men's team (Reggae Boyz) he had everything. Something that almost every country in the world occurs.

In her fury she recalled the legendary phrase his father Bob Marley: "Football is freedom". Heiress of passion for life that his father had, I went to work. The first task was simple: exist. That was the first step to take.

It not only donated a large amount to improve economic conditions in the Reggae Girlz coaching, He also began an awareness campaign around them. He created a song with his brother Stephen and Damian called "Strike Hard" (hit hard, in Spanish). Until that moment, the movement initiated by the Marley attracted the support of the federation.


But nevertheless, Two years later, after failing to get a ticket for Rio 2016, the Jamaican Football Federation came to remove the props alluding to the women's team could not get the goals. Cedella not surprised, I knew it was something that could happen. "They just like to see women in swimsuit, short faults court and not playing football ", He threw without mincing words. But that was not a simple complaint, continued to help and redoubled efforts. Rivals again be returned to the opposing team and the system's own country.

With some foundations got Hue contact Menzie, who had given up a life of office to become football coach. The Federation warned that you did not have money to pay. He was unfazed. He accepted the job without pay. "When Marleys get involved in something, magic happens ", He said feeling an intuition that gave him confidence.

In his first tournament, the Reggae Girlz found too large obstacles such as food shortages in Haiti. Even, some of those who reached them were not able to eat. "It seemed apropos. We asked for something else, but there was nothing ", Dominique Bod-Flasza complained; while Campbell, one of the team's stars, recalls that "it was something horrendous".

On the other hand, the girls had to wash their shirts because they only had one game, They traveled in rickety buses and practiced a few days a week, sometimes at night, so they could fulfill their work schedules.

Nonetheless, Cedella Marley never stopped. And the selection either. The relationship between benefactor and players was consolidated. After each encounter disputed, the entire team got together with Cedella to tell everything that had lived, to share hours of friendship, something that never breaks. It was then that the time came to make history.

Texas Jamaica played in the CONCACAF qualifying for the World Cup in France 2019. The expectations, of course, were few. But nevertheless, two wins against Costa Rica and Cuba, and a loss to the United States a world power, Reggae Girlz put the live match against Panama to achieve the dream, the classification.

The duel was in Dallas. A cold night. Like Jamaican, Panamanian wanted to write their own story. Neither of the two teams had never played a World Cup. The game ended 2-2 in the 120 minutes played an embattled party, unforgettable. The destination would be defined from these twelve steps if you do not get the glory, condemn you forever.

That night, Cedella arrived at the stadium. He was present. Even, He sang in the previous. During 120 minutes tried to relax, but in criminal he could not help, I leave everything. Jamaican saw goalkeeper Nicole McClure cover two shots and eyes convinced his compatriot Bond Flasza, sure she was going to give his country classification.

And then it happened. The ball hit the net. The irrepressible happiness of the players were the same as those of Cedella. A Caribbean team would play a World Cup, something never seen. All of thorns remembered the way they had come. While he is watching her girls, mourn the feat achieved, he thought that it's time to add more people to change the mentality of a country. What if, He looked up to heaven and gave his father the reason: Football is freedom.

While the Reggae Girlz debuted in the World Cup that takes place these days in France, falling 3 a 0 before the powerful Brazilian team, still remaining two matches in the first group stage, face next Friday 14 June to Italy (11 hrs JA) and Wednesday 18 the month against Australia (14 hrs JA).


Source: Article taken from Diario El Comercio of Peru, Total sports section, fOOTBALL.