“Brighter Days”: musical project invites reflection against violence and calls for unity

Amid rising crime across the Caribbean, and the successive situations of violence against women in Jamaica, Several well-known artists from the island came together under a new single and music video, titled “Brighter Days”. After three years of gestation, the project talks about women's rights and denounces violence, crime and evils that affect society, including the series of kidnappings and murders of women.

Fifteen Reggae and Dancehall artists from Jamaica are part of this production that features the message and voices of Tommy Lee Sparta, Julian Marley, Bounty Killer, Anthony B, Gyptian, To Jahvillan, Dre Island, Turbulence, Saaje, Mr Pike, Leaha, ZJ Liquid, Master Don, Kiprich, Y Wasp.

"These things have been happening for a long time; crime and violence are always present in our society, so we can never have enough songs like this where we tell people we want unity. Talk about our need as creatives to see and be a change in society. We cannot be comfortable with the subject of crime, rape, murder and injustice ", Junior said ‘Chambah’ Stevens, co-founder of Silver Birds Records and one of the song's producers.

Meanwhile, Dean Barnett, also producer of the single, said “we are just doing our part, in the best way we know: through music and songs”. 

Produced by Stevens and Barnett under Silver Birds Records, the project was inspired by the classic "We Are The World", written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in 1985, produced by Quincy Jones and recorded by the United States for Africa in benefit to end the famine in that continent and where they participated 45 artists. The reissued version released in 2010 to help Haiti after the devastating earthquake had more than 80 you participating. As Stevens pointed out in conversation with the local newspaper The Gleaner, the suggestion to include a handful of artists in this project came from Tommy Lee Sparta.

Stevens recounted the difficulties in the process of "Brighter Days", commenting that a one riddim was ruled out considering that bringing a large group together under a single song would have more impact. further, He added that recognition as a producer within the reggae and dancehall community is an important factor in determining who answers the call..

“I ran into a lot of trouble completing this song and, again, when it came to making the video, it was hard to get everyone once. Some artists [what] we think they would agree to participate because they speak of peace and conscience, they didn't. Y, but nevertheless, we got people like bounty killer and tommy lee, who are known to have rivalry with each other. Perhaps, if Silver Birds Entertainment or I were known, it would have been much easier “, expressed Stevens.

Bounty Killer spoke with the local newspaper The Gleaner and said that it was important for him to be part of the project because in the world, and particularly in Jamaica, there has been a crime wave for decades, so the song aims to raise awareness and spread messages of love and unity.

“Adding my voice to Brighter Days is significant. In recent years, dancehall is mainly rivalry, no union or collaborative efforts. Then, getting established and future artists teaming up to send a message to people on a track, it is ideal ", He said.

And he added that “it is imperative and profound for us to keep these messages alive for the younger generations.. Mis “brighter days” would be days when people value others as they value themselves. And may the people live in love and unity, remembering that there is a God. Nothing too technical, we all want brighter days”.

In the same line, Julian Marley said that “it is a very important song for the time we live in.. When talking about social issues, we are sharing our opinions. The times we have all been facing as we pass by and really have faith to see and walk into the brighter days. Brighter Days speaks for itself as a humanitarian song. Generations and nations need it ".

Finally, Tommy Lee Sparta's manager called on people to listen to the message that artists send beyond individual reputations.

"To these artists, as tommy, they are passionate about issues affecting nations around the world. From injustice, women's rights, abuses against women and children, poverty, hunger and lack of assistance to provide adequate education. Tommy just wanted a song similar to We Are The World, And this is … spread the word of unity and justice for all ”, said Nicole Taban of Boss Lady Muzik.

"Brighter Days" is now available on Tommy Lee Sparta's youtube channel and you can watch it below.

Source: The Gleaner